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gir. School starts tomorrow. lol. At least I'll be around friends again. That will be a nice change for me. This summer has sucked. Majorly. But yea. We went to Bubois Beach today in Jupiter. Twas fun. I got a whole bunch of sea shells. They are cool. I got a major sunburn though. that's not cool. lol. But yea. Austin, my nephew, was afraid of the floaty thingy we got him. It's a yellow elephant, and it's like laying on its back, with it's feet in the air. Well..it's tail hangs through between it's legs and it looks like a penis. Seriously. And Austin is scared to tears of the float. lol. I think it's b/c of the penis like thing. lmao.

But yea. I saw John on friday. I didn't talk to him b/c I was in a building at the time. I wasn't expecting it to hurt like it did. I just looked back for reasons I don't want to explain, and there he was, on a bike. But it was most def him. I wanted to go outside and yell at him so i could talk to him, but when I did go outside, I kinda froze up. i wanted to cry soo bad. but I tried to call him last night and at first the operator tried to tell me the number was longdistance. i was like wtf? My phone doesn't have long distance services, so we can't call long distance w/out a phone card. But I was playing around on the computer and I tried again. You know. B/c I might have dialed the number wrong or sumpthin. I called twice but it kept saying the number was temporarily out of service. So I guess I have to try again tonight. Gah. But I want to explain some things that I really feel I need to, about the way I acted last year. I acted first and thought much later. And I regret that. i always do and say things without thinking and without meaning them. I have a really bad temper. Really bad.But yea. I shall go now. Later.

<3 Mandy
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