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so yea

I'm exempt from the easiest class ever and get to sit on a copmuter for two hours while I wait to take my Law Studies exam. Eh. Bordedness.

But yea. Things aren't really working out with Allen. He's sweet, he's awesome, he's a really good friend...and he has a girlfriend. What's up with all the great guys being taken? Gah. And to think that i now have a crush on my close friends ex boyfriend and she wants to hook me up with him...or try to. I mean, i know I'm not going to get anywhere with Brad. I know it. We're too good of friends. And even if something did happen and we got together, I'm scared it'll turn out like me and John. I'll lose my best friend. Kniw what I mean?

Anyway, Homecoming was Saturday. I had soo much fun. I'll post a picture soon. I think I looked really very pretty. And to think this was my last homecoming. Kinda scary. I graduate in May. I really don't know if I'm ready or will be ready to let go of the past 4 years. Ehhh. But yea. I guess I'll just have to make myself ready.
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