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Mandy back from the dead...well, kinda.

Okay. So I'm living in Indiana now. At first I hated it but now I'm kinda liking it. I have some of the coolest friends.(Don't worry. They don't compare to you guys in Florida.) There's Kae (who is in my icon). She's really awesome. She was my first friend. She introduced me to Peter, who I swear is Britani's clone. Red hair, japan obsessed, the whole nine. Peter is completely awesome. We "rape" him constantly and, even though he's gay, he loves us girls hanging on him. lmao. But yea. We go to LazerLite every Saturday and play DDR, my new obsession. I love it. I would play all day, 24/7, if I could. As it is, I only get to play Saturday's or if I'm at Kae's house.But that's okay. I love it anyway. And I'm soo excited about this Saturday. This guy I like is going with us. I'm soo embarassed to talk to him. But he's sooo hot. He's goth and you guys know my thing about Goth guys. *shudder* But yea. I miss all you Florida guys. I really do. *sigh* I haven't heard from anyone except Rachael (email) and Dee (one letter). So please...anyone...write me!!!!! (2545 Leonard Springs Rd Bloomington, IN 47403) I would die for a letter from someone. please please please write me...i luff you guys!!!!!!!! But yea. I go to Bloomington High School South (they have BHS North and BHSS). It's pretty cool. Lotz of freaky people, which is very awesome. My group hangs out in the Atrium, which is huge (the atrium). But it reminds me soo much of MCHS. Seriously. There's a group that plays hackey sack all the time. I usually sit in a corner with Kae and Peter and Kelsi (who looks alot like Ashley, John's sister.). It's really weird. But yea. My classes are as follows: English 12-1 (which is basically speech), Theatre Arts 2, Poetry (yes, they have a poetry class here. I'm in it with Kae and we cause a riot. It's soooooo much fun. lmao.), Photography (which I'm going to talk about.), and English 12-2 (yea, I have to take 2 english classes.). They're alright classes. My favorites are Poetry and photography. Me and Kae are in third period poetry and we cause sooo much trouble only we don't get into trouble. Like today we were giggling and talking and just being silly. Mrs. McDermot, our teacher, is awesome. She has her nose peirced and let's us suck hellium out of balloons. LMAO. It's pretty cool. There's all girls in my class. There's a guy on the attendance thingy but he's never showed up. We only have 7 people in my class. It's cool. We basically sit on top of our desks and read poems and then we write our own. It's great. And my photography class is just amazing.I love it. It's by far my favorite class. I just printed some pictures today and they turned out great. Well, all but one. It's really blurry but I think it's because Peter was moving alot when I took the photo. But the other three are just awesome. I love them. One is of Peter and Kae that I took for my "Images to music" assignment. I'm doing shots to Scars from Papa Roach. I got some great shots but my contact sheet is kinda messy so I don't know if it's my negatives that are messed up or if I just did the sheet wrong. Egh. But yea. i have to go. I'll try to update this weekend, on Saturday when I'm at Kae's. But yea. Write me.

Love you guys!!!

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