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KK. I'm at Kae's. Duh. I said I would be. It's awesome.(YUM! Chocolate chip cookie) But yea. Kae is awesomeness. Big dose of Mandy this weekend. Yep yep.

*glomps Kae's wall* Pictures of Deadstarassembly on the wall. Have you seen pictures of them? Hawtness. i love them. They are sooo awesome. I will lick them...all of them. They are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hawt. Seriously. lmao.

But anywayz, we went to LazerLite today, as every Saturday, and played lotz of DDR. I'm like addicted to DDR now. (Thanks to Kae. mmkplzthx) Kae wants to say 'ello to you all, so here she is.

OMGZHI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111shiftoneoneone!!!111!1 I gotz teh MandaPanda and j00 don't! So ha! *mineglomp*
..................................mmkplzthxomgz!!!!!!111png. <3

Yea, she's crazy but awesome. (yea, I did get glomped there)

Anywayz, back to DDR. I've only been playing for 3 weeks and I just started playing light mode today. I got an A on a song and I did my little happy dance. lmao. It was great. Made me really happy. But yea. After LL we went to Hobby Lobby with Peter and we were glomping each other in the store. It was grrrrreat! Had lotz and lotz of fun.

But yea.Ummm...I like the hot goth guy. He's hawt. i want to glomp him. Next week, I'm going to kidnap him and take him to the make out room. J/k That would be great. But um yea. I'm gonna go. Later.
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