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So yea.

I'm at schgool right now. I'm finished with my papaer and I have nothing to do. *sigh*

He wasn't here today. Made me sad. But still I was very hyper thrid period. It was weird. But yea. I really like him. I really do. I would seriously like to get to know him better. If I wasn't sooo....shy. But I'm getting better. At least he talks to me and I talk back right? He makes fun of me too. lmao. But that's okay. i have something I can hold over his head. hehehe. *little evil laugh*

But yea. LazerLite tonight and tomorrow. Gonna be awesome. I'm going to take my photography assingment there. I have to take a freeze (which is you standard picture) and a blur with my shutter speed way down. Not to difficult. I'll just do my glowstick idea and take pictures of everyone playing DDR. Simple enough. It's the processing the film that gets me. At least my shott with Kae and Peter turned out good. I got a 91% on my assingment. hehe. Made me happy. (The assignment was to get four prints of picturs that went to a song of our choice. I choose Papa Roach's Scars.) But yea. It should be awesome. If I get a chance, I'll scan my photo's and post them for you. :)

Anyways, i don't know if I posted this in an entry but I'll go ahead and do it again. I have a new journal, although I will still be on this one. I'm on another site now, too. It's www.greatestjournal.com/users/angelfaery27 I know it's not linked but I'm too lazy to look up the html for it. Sorry. But the actual link is on my user info page under bio.

But yea. i shall go now. Later.

~Mandy~ *rose*
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