fuct^perfection (alessergrey) wrote,


yes. i am very happy. notice how there has been almost no complaints on here in awhile.

My boyfriend is soooo awesome. lol. He's adorable. lmao. it's weird. i am very happy. yes i am. hehehe. But yea.

I'm not gruduating this year. I am but I'm not walking across the stage.

June 30 to July 3 I will be at Cornerstone in Illinois. I will be with Kae. 4 days of nothing but my best friend and music...lotz and lotz of music. lol. It shall be awesome. Got to www.cornerstonefestival.com for more info. It should be fun if you go. If you do, let me know and we can meet up and hang out. lmao. :) Shall be fun. teehee. Later.

ohohohoh. Throne is gonna be playing at Rhinos here in Bloomington July 8. you know I am sooooo going. lmao.

ok. Bye now. for real.
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